Nestled at the crossroads of art, technology, and nature, Studio Paysan Parfumeur unfurls as a sanctuary where innovation entwines with tradition. In our open-door atelier, the vibrant whispers of the plant kingdom resonate profoundly, steering our voyage to redefine not just the narrative of perfumery, but also the very essence of human interaction with the natural world. Drawing from a rich tapestry of influences — including artistic intuition, olfactory expertise, and responsible entrepreneurship — we forge narratives for our artisanal multiverse that are as avant-garde as they are deeply rooted in ancient wisdom. Here, the mystical converges with the modern, sparking a revolutionary dialogue that is both eco-conscious and intrinsically linked to the vegetal realm. Welcome to Studio Paysan Parfumeur, where the heartbeat of nature pulsates within every creation. Join us on this poetic odyssey, where the enchantment of fragrances unfolds, heralding a future fragrant with both promise and wonder.

Earth - The Wild Turn: Life as a Neo-Farmer
Wind - PAYSAN PARFUMEUR Fragrances
Unveil our Natures - ReWild Workshops
Water - La Natura Machine Installation
Fire - Si, Scents and Souls Colabs
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