Not to cover up, but to open up the heart.
Our perfumes teach us not greed, but detachment; not fear, but love. They impart the profound lessons of life, reminding us that we are, in essence, life itself.
You know its essence is fleeting, crafted to foster love and appreciation for the present moment, serving as a ritual. Because natural organic fragrances are extremely precious, it is incumbent upon us to share them with the world parsimoniously. 
To make these delicate essences available to as many people as possible, we adopt a policy of restrained use, not out of deceit, but with a focused intention to preserve ecological balance. The era of excess, epitomized by lavish restaurants offering overabundant portions, has passed; now is the time to embrace quality and refined offerings.
Natural perfumes embody an inherent beauty, a kind of allure that cannot be replicated by synthetic scents. While they may not pervade a room with enduring strength, this ephemeral quality only enhances their charm. 
These perfumes are gentler, exhibiting a complex tapestry of subtle nuances and captivating personalities. They beckon individuals to forge a deeper connection, encouraging them to pause amidst their bustling lives and truly savor the artistry in each fragrance's unique composition.
Chez Paysan Parfumeur, le parfum est vu comme une proposition poétique, un moyen léger d’appréhension de la beauté du monde pour apporter une solution aux désordres actuels et retrouver une harmonie avec la nature.
Nos parfums sont une passerelle pour se reconnecter au sauvage. Reprendre le temps, s'autoriser à suivre les saisons et le cycle végétal pour une reconnexion profonde tel un lien d’amour universel qui permettrait dans cette période de grands changements de revenir à l'essentiel.
Avec la force unie et équilibrée de nos féminins et nos masculins, nous œuvrons à vivre en bon terme avec nos colocataires des règnes minéral, végétal et animal. Élargir notre champ de vision, reconstruire un lien d'amour universel qui nous unit à l'altérité, quelle qu'elle soit.
Nous nous inscrivons dans le mouvement des ces nouvelles entreprises sensibles à l’ensemble de l'écosystème de production, des humains qui y travaillent aux matières premières utilisées pour un modèle d'entreprenariat philanthropique économiquement viable et vertueux.
At Paysan Parfumeur, perfume is seen as a poetic proposition, a light means of apprehending the beauty of the world to provide a solution to current disorder and regain harmony with nature. 
Our perfumes serve as a bridge to reconnect with the wild. We take the time to follow the seasons and the plant cycle for a deep reconnection, like a universal love bond that allows us to return to the essentials during this period of great change. 
With the united and balanced strength of our feminine and masculine aspects, we strive to live in harmony with our cohabitants from the mineral, plant, and animal realms. We aim to expand our field of vision, rebuild a universal love bond that connects us to the otherness, whatever it may be. 
We are part of the movement of these new companies that are sensitive to the entire production ecosystem, from the humans who work in it to the raw materials used, for a model of entrepreneurship that is both philanthropic and economically viable and virtuous.
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