Each workshop invites you into a realm reminiscent of a stroll through the Mediterranean forest, an olive grove, or a medicinal plant field. Embark on an emotional and philosophical journey, fusing intellectual engagement with hands-on insights, reshaping our bond with the world.
Move beyond traditional workshop dynamics. Here, every participant, myself included, contributes their individual questions and perspectives. Drawing from my 15-year tenure as a farmer and my experiences curating art in Paris, I facilitate a dialogue that dives deep into our connection with nature and the world around us. In this space, we’re all equals, co-learners, sharing and growing together.

The Universal Distillation:
Circle the alambic, our symbol of transformation. As we distill the harvest into precious floral waters and essential oils, we also distill our thoughts, seeking messages from the plants. This session merges science, alchemy and philosophy, striving to understand our deep-rooted ties with nature.

The Aromatic Gentleman: Blueprint of New Masculinity
Join us in a sensory exploration of modern masculinity through the art of fragrances. This session breaks away from outdated norms, fostering emotional intelligence and vulnerability, catalyzed by the gentle allure of floral scents. Step into a space where empathy takes center stage, reshaping societal wellbeing and personal connections. Prepare to redefine masculinity in today's fragrance-inspired renaissance.

Microdosing in Time of Scarcity. The Quantity is the Poison:
In today's world of abundance, there’s power in minimalism. Delve into the controlled use of plant extracts and discover the profound transformations stemming from minute doses, impacting even at the cellular level.

Co-Labs with AI: Crafting the Ideal Perfume to Reconnect Us with Nature
In a groundbreaking union of technology and olfactory craftsmanship, we stand at the cusp of a fragrance revolution. This workshop unlocks the potential of AI in fostering collaborative innovation in perfumery. Together, we will create scents that do more than enchant; they rebuild our ancient, instinctive connections with the natural world.

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